Over 150 metrics and continually growing. We take out the guesswork on deciding what to measure. All you have to do is decide what’s important and what you want to focus on. Don’t see a metric you want? Just contact us and we’ll add it.
IAM Metrics and Dashboards
IAM Maturity Assessment


Continually measure how your program is going on all key IAM domains so you can identify weak spots to improve. You can also compare your scores on all domains and overall with your peers.


We provide you with a complete checklist of proven tasks to build a complete IAM Program. We also have customizations so you can add your own tasks and remove others that are not relevant for you.
IAM Roadmap and best practices
IAM Audit Alerts


We help highlight key risk areas in your program and platforms. Avoid audit issues by resolving alerts and get documented resolutions of any control breaks on your platforms.

Identity Reconciliation

Easily ensure all identities are consistent in their state across your IAM programs. We offer a single view where you can see the status of an identity across all IAG, Directory, Auth, PAM and even cloud platforms.
IAM Application Manager

App Manager

Use our Application Manager to ensure you have a single source of all applications in your environment, even if they have different names on your IAM platforms. We provide your system owners with a single view of all their apps and the data across all your IAM platforms. The first of its kind in the industry!

Customized Application Maturity

Having trouble getting adoption for your IAM program? The App Maturity model is part of the system owners dashboard so you can give them visibility into how they are doing. You can even customize the grading system to align with all your legacy IAM systems.
IAM Application Maturity and assessments

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